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Elcee Holland B.V. was founded in 1923. In 2014 Elcee Holland became a part of the Elcee Group. The Elcee Group consists of ten companies. Elcee Holland exist for almost 100 years as a leading technical knowledge & manufacturing organization in the field of industrial supply and fasteners.

Because of our success in the Netherlands, we have also started our own companies in China, Germany and Belgium. Below you will find more information about our companies.

Elcee holland b.v.

Know-how, professionalism and a large range of products from world leading producers. This is what Elcee stands for since 1923, the year our company was founded. In the meantime we have grown into an organisation with more than 125 employees. Elcee has of course been certified in accordance with the ISO 9001-2015 standard.

Four business units - one vision
Because the market sectors we supply, require specialistic knowledge, we have divided our organisation in four market-oriented business units.

On www.elcee.nl, you will find more information about our company.


  • Add-on acquisitions/ strategic participation
  • New partnerships/ alliances
  • Internationalisation

Elcee China

To offer our customers additional benefits on quality and prices, we began to outsource our production to Asia in 1986, and started exploring the Chinese market in 1993. Due to the rapid growth, Elcee decided to employ representatives in China in 2003. In 2006, this changed into a 100% Dutch owned subsidiary office; Elcee-China, located in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province.

Today, in addition to its own sales activities, Elcee China supports Elcee Holland in technical, commercial and quality matters.

On www.elcee.cn/, you will find more information about our company.


LKL Staal is specialized in customer specific metallurgical components, from engineering (cost optimalization) to delivery. We produce and supply Castings, Forgings, Weld assemblies (fabricated parts), CNC Machined parts and (Complex) Assemblies.

Our mission is to combine the advantages of producing in China with Western quality standards. This results in an optimal price while retaining the quality and service level you are used to.

LKL Staal has two subsidiaries in China (LKL Wuxi & LKL Ningbo) including an own machining and welding department.

On www.lklstaal.nl/, you will find more information about our company.


In order to serve our customers best, it was a clear goal, to establish a German company within the Elcee Group. This resulted in the acquisition of two companies. The two new locations Elcee Deutschland Nord (Alveslohe) and Elcee Deutschland Süd (Hochdorf, near Stuttgart) were founded in 2016.

Naturally Elcee Deutschland offers all our product lines in Germany: plain bearings, lifting technology and stainless steel fastening systems. The acquisition fits perfectly within the strategy of Elcee, which is focused on further international expansion, autonomous growth but also through acquisitions and/or new alliances.

More information on www.elcee.de

Elcee Belux

Elcee Belux was founded in 2015. To serve the Belgium and Luxembourg's market, we have started a subsidiary in Turnhout, Belgium. The office is employed with qualified staff and are supported by Elcee Holland to provide you the same extensive knowledge as the parent company.

Elcee Belux represents three business units of Elcee: Castings & Forgings, Bearing Technology, Stainless Steel Fasteners.

On www.elcee.be you will find more information about our company.

Westinox International

Since its foundation in 1983 by Mr. Naessens, Westinox is known for its wide range of stainless steel fasteners, its excellent service and dedicated employees. As a result of the continuing globalization of the market, the sales performance of Westinox stagnated in recent years. This resulted in the opportunity to grow together through the acquisition in the larger Elcee Group.

With the addition of the Westinox activities to the Group, Elcee strengthens not only its growing position in the market for Stainless fasteners, but also the continuity, growth and service of Westinox can be guaranteed for its customers.

On www.westinox.be you will find more information about our company.


The strategic acquisition of Elcee Polska, Warsaw (Poland) will strengthen our presence on the German market, due to the excellent supplier contacts in Eastern Europe.

Elcee Polska will also represent our customers in Poland, Austria and Switzerland with a comprehensive and competitive range of products in the field of castings, forgings, plain bearings, lifting technology and stainless steel fastening systems.

On www.elcee.pl you will find more information about our company in Poland.


Additional information:
The Elcee Group BV, is a joint holding company of entrepreneur Mr. Mathias van Roij and TransEquity Network.
In the near future, there are very ambitious plans to expand the group further, both nationally as internationally, with a strong focus on the northern and western of Europe, especially on the German and Belgian market.
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